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About Power Management Services

Power Management Services Ltd is a unique company started to bridge the gap where a client may have a generator or electrical /electronic equipment but do not have the technical know-how to repair and/or maintain the equipment. However, due to our consistent growth, we have expanded our services. We are currently supplying and installing generators from the Grupel Brand, an Omnisantos Group company engaged in the manufacture and rental of power gensets. It is located in Portugal, Europe. We are an authorized distributor of this brand in Kenya.

We take pride in our customer satisfaction. Thus, our main goal is to ensure that our clients get access to the best quality and reliable gensets. Professionalism is our key drive. We have well trained technical team both in Electrical and Mechanical Department to conduct the troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of various gensets. This has enabled us to be efficient, flexible and reliable in all aspects of the services that we offer. Our rapid growth over the years has been anchored purely on our service delivery.

Currently we are undertaking numerous projects both in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In these projects we are installing generator capacities of between 5kVA to 3200kVA.

Year of Establishment

This company was established on 31st August 2010 .Though we have not been on the market for long, we have come a long way to slice our market share and ensure that our presence is not only felt but firm. This achievement has been realized owing to the quality of services we offer and the good relationship we have with our customers.

Mission and Vision Statements


Providing high quality power generators tailored to meet customer requirements, giving the best technical support and after-sales services. To show competency, efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.  


To be a leading supplier and service provider of the best generators in Kenya with an aim of meeting customers’ desire and satisfaction  

Core Values

  • Professionalism in discharging our duties
  • We work with a lot of openness to gain the trust of our clients, financial institutions and other key stakeholders
  • Hard work, commitment and discipline in all our operations
  • We value each other efforts thus pride in team work


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